About Us

The Tattoo and Cosmetic Laser Clinic is a  medical clinic and all work is done by Doctors and Nurses, all of whom have extensive experience in the use of lasers. As we come under the auspices of The NZ Medical Council, your safety and ethical treatment is assured.

Medical lasers have been part of our every day work since 2002. We use the top of the line RevLite Nd-Yag Q switch laser. This probably means nothing to most people, but as it cost the same as a European Luxury car, we made sure we bought the best !
How come? It works on all skin types, and all tattoo lasers. As it also has different dyes, we are able to treat a variety of skin problems and all skin types, with minimal discomfort, and minimal chance of scarring.

Because it spares the skin, pain is not an issue. However, if your “woose” factor is high, and as we are a medical clinic, we are able to provide medication and non medical treatments to ensure your comfort.

If you are looking for a treatment of spider or varicose veins, please check our friendly clinic – The Vein Centre under the link below: