Hair Removal

No more painful waxing!

The Q Switched Nd-YAG Revlite laser has excellent results in fine hair such as occurs on the face, and in the small of the back. (Vellous hair)

The laser damages the hair follicle and disrupts its growth, causing the hair to fall out. These lasers produce light in very short pulses, destroying the hair follicle in a photomechanical way, vibrating and shattering the follicle without any harm to the surrounding skin. Any hair that does grow back will be thinner and finer.

Our Q-Switched Nd-Yag with PhotoAcoustic energy is safely effective hair removal on any skin color, even dark skin. Each hair follicle on your body goes through three stages: growth, rest and hair loss. These phases repeat in a cycle that varies according to you own body chemistry. Lasers are most effective on hair follicles during the growth phase. Because only about a third of your hair is in growth phase at any time, you’ll need several treatments to obtain maximum results.

Eventually some hair will grow back, but much thinner and finer. Occasional touch-up treatments are recommended.  PhotAcoustic lasers will effectively treat the fine hair on the face, or lower back, called vellus hair. The very short pulses of light are able to penetrate to the hair follicle and disrupt the growth. Traditional heat-based lasers are not recommended as they have difficulty targeting the fine structure of these hairs.